Canary, an all-in-one home security device startup, has been growing tremendously since the launch of their original security camera. Entering a new phase of their existence with the introduction of Canary Flex, Canary needed to develop their content strategy.
As the Blog Editor, I created an editorial calendar to develop new articles promoting the work of the company and the passion behind Canary.

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The dark basement, noises you can’t quite explain and a feeling like someone—or something— is watching you. It’s all in your imagination, right? Canary users have been sharing some of the spookier moments #caughtByCanary and it’s enough to make us want to leave the lights on for a few weeks. Here are a few tales perfect for Halloween.

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While you’re hard at work, or off on the occasional night out, does your mind wander to what’s happening back at home? Do you wonder what the kids are up to? The babysitter? The dog? As we get ready for the rollout of Canary Flexand Membership in time for the holidays, we’re kicking off our first national marketing campaign ever. “While You Were Out” explores the irrational places our minds go to when we’re away from home and how Canary can alleviate wandering minds by keeping people in the know.